Pro-health, active and artistic way

On the 22nd of April the Słubice District organized a Pro-health Picnic which was a summary of the project ‘Circulatory System Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion in the Area of the Słubice District’  And even though the weather did not encourage anyone to leave their house, quite significant group of inhabitants made it to the promenade at 2:00 pm. -Spend this day actively and make use of what we have prepared for you-encouraged starost, Marcin Jabłoński, during the opening of the event.

The event took place on the 22nd of April from 2:00pm to 8:00 pm on the promenade at Jedności Robotniczej Street in Słubice. The event was accompanied by a number of additional attractions so that each and every inhabitant could chose something for themselves. On this day, a number of marathons were held- running, indoor cycling, dancing, physiotherapy and culinary. The amateurs of artistic events welcomed a rich programme on the picnic scene.

We have kicked off with the marathon!

The pro-health action commenced at 11:00 at Colelgium Polonicum, where a dance marathon was held, led by dancers from BOHEMA group. At the beginning only a couple of pairs, shyly started to waltz. After an hour the marathon gathered pace, both due to a lively salsa played and subsequent participants joining in, who encouraged by TV spots live showed up.

Then, hot and steamy rhythms were played in the foyer of Colelgium Polonicum where  dynamic exercises according to the rhythm of specially selected music were conducted on stationary bikes.

At 2:00 pm the promenade got loud

The artists prepared themselves for the shows while Marcin Jabłoński, the starost, welcomed everyone from the stage. As the first one, in order to encourage the inhabitants to join the fun, appeared Konsonans choir, followed by the dancers from BOHEMA who danced in front of the stage. And although it was quite chilly outside, dancing in tight dancing outfits, they managed to warm up the audience with their standard and Latino American rhythms.

The audience who gathered around the stage was welcomed by the host of the event, the Starost of the District of Słubice, Marcin Jabłoński. He summed up project actions and encouraged everyone to participate in the celebration. -For the past 25 months a number of actions, events, shows occurred-pro-health, sport and healthy eating related. Over 4000 people participated actively in them. I truly hope that you will all have a great time also today, at the picnic which ends the project-said M. Jabłoński.

Battle of 2 pans

The greatest number of participants of the picnic bravely assisted the cooking masters. The battle was participated also by Mariusz Szwed and Sylwia Biały, winners of MasterChef and Hell’s kitchen programmes. From 2:00 pm onwards you could smell the aromas from all over the world coming from the tent in which the battle took place. They both prepared healthy dishes with a hint of exotic spices. The theme of the picnic was healthy lifestyle, therefore our warriors-chefs prepared for the Słubice inhabitants 1000 portions of healthy Thai soup and goulash with pearl barley. -We are charmed by the marathon, we can observe and see how masters mix ingredients in their pots-said the inhabitants.  -This is really delicious and the connection of tastes is incredible. You really have to try and see for yourself. Come along or else we’ll eat everything ourselves- said the people laughing.

And finally, SPOOFING

The picnic summing up the project was of family and pro-healthy character. The inhabitants could participate in interesting ventures-for active ones an indoor cycling marathon, physiotherapy marathon, running and dancing marathons were prepared as well as fitness from the scene, led by fitness instructor Anita Radkiewicz. There were also a lot of attractions for the children, as well as a cabaret and local artists’ performances. Konsonans choir appeared on the stage, as well as dances from BOHEMA group, TERAZ MY-cabaret band from Sulęcin, represented by the listeners of the Third Age University. For the first time on stage appeared also a vocal band which was created during realization of music activities under DAYS OF ACTIVE SENIOR

Slightly later, everything got a bit sentimental since Edyta Kręgiel together with Piotr Tamborski appeared on stage. Later, WANIAN and MACIEK BARDEN performed before the gathered audience. At the end, the world of festive beats was revealed by the Słubice local band BAJER.

Media Partners of the event were: portal  and HTS Słubice television station which broadcasted the event live.

The organizer of the picnic was Słubice City Cultural Centre, acting at the order of the Słubice District.

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