We have already examined 5118 people! Come and test yourself!

5118 individuals have undergone  medical tests due to the successful cooperation of  the District Authorities with the Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice on the project “Circulatory System Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion in the Area of the Słubice District”.

Inhabitants of the district are kept informed about the dates and test points, which are not only located in communes but also in rural areas village common rooms, cultural centres, fire-fighting centres and homes.

The campaign is aimed at people aged 7-19 and over 30 who have not yet benefited from the opportunity to do free medical exams within the framework of  the project.

Direct examinations (measurement, weighing, blood pressure and exhaled CO measurement) and elementary tests (blood and urine analyses) will be carried out in each commune to allow all those who would like to take the opportunity of free medical tests.

How to register?

Complete the declaration of participation at the sample collection facility. Remember to take a sterile urine container with you.

All test results will be evaluated by a specialist in internal diseases. Those who will be qualified to the 2nd stage of the examination will be notified of the dates of appointments by phone or e-mail.


Test schedule:

  • 15 February, 7:30 – 11:00, NZOZ the Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice; the clinic by the barrier
  • 16 February, 8:00 – 11:00, firefighting centre, Cybinka
  • 18 February, 7:30 – 11:00, NZOZ The Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice; the clinic by the barrier
  • 18 February, 9:00 – 11:00, Sala Wiejska in Grzmiąca
  • 21 February, 7:30 – 11:00, NZOZ The Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice; (the clinic by the barrier)
  • 24 February, 7:30 – 11:00, NZOZ The Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice); the clinic by the barrier
  • 25 February, 8:00 – 11:00, Świetlica (common room) in Połęcko

Tests for the inhabitants of the Rzepin District are carried out on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00. All the tests within the project are free of charge.

We cordially invite!

The Collegium Polonicum welcomed 150 students!

The inauguration of University of Healthy Lifestyle took place on 30 January in the Hall of the Collegium Polonicum. 150 students gathered to listen to the opening lecture and make a solemn oath.

Inaugural lecture entitled “Healthy thinking … about health” was given by Małgorzata Krasowska-Marczyk, Chairperson of the Management Board  of the Zbigniew Religa Hospital in Słubice, starting a programme for students in the field of healthy lifestyle. There are things in our life we have no influence on, some circumstances cannot be avoided, and certain factors (such as genetic predispositions) that cannot be changed. Nonetheless, we are able to influence our health condition explained the hospital Chairperson to the students.

“University of Healthy Lifestyle” is free extracurricular activities in the form of lectures and workshops attended by 150 students of grades 4-6 primary schools of the Słubice District.


What a ride!

On 21 January, the people of the Słubice District spent that Saturday actively at the local ice rink. The event started at 10am. Everyone could ice-skate, take part in fun and games, eat a warm meal, and above all, take care of their hearts, because skating has a great effect on the circulatory system.   

Entire families came – the youth with parents and grandparents. Some rode around the track, others had fun in a balloon fight with the clown. – A great event for everyone – the kids coming up to the balustrade cheerfully screamed out. – We want more!

Something good for the heart

The purpose of the event was to promote healthy and active lifestyle. It is worth noting that ice skating is an aerobic sport that positively influences the body condition, circulatory and respiratory systems, thus reducing the risk of heart attack, hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Besides, ice skating improves physical condition and strength.

That day those who took part in the event could enter the ice rink for free, as well as rent skates and helmets. Everything was free of charge, as it was financed by the Słubice District within the framework of the health project.

Fun and games attracted the youngest

The organizers of the project prepared many games and competitions for younger and older participants. The youngest had the opportunity to play with a clown inviting to ice skating competitions and games such as tag, balloon fight, “snake”, slalom skating, hockey, goal scoring and “Stop and Go” – all in the spirit of healthy competition and in a fantastic atmosphere.

Let’s meet up at the ice rink on Saturday!

The Słubice District cordially invites children, young people and adults to the New Year’s Ice Event. This Saturday, you will be able to actively spend time with your family and friends at the ice rink in Słubie at Sportowy 1 Street. This day the entrance to the ice rink, rental of helmets and skates are free. All participants can enjoy games and contests, and a warm meal will be provided for the first 100 guests.

The ice rink in Słubice

Sportowa 1 Street

Saturday, 21 January, 10am – 6pm

Let’s spend this day together!